Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering - Digital Engineering

He is able to produce technological solutions in the field of systems integration, application management, expert advice and facility management service provider, whether technological or customer service.

The Digital Engineering has been working for over 10 years in the field of information technology as an ideal partner to all companies that have chosen the innovative technologies as a tool for growth in the market.

Has as its points of reference the ethical values, ethics and social, attention to quality and customer satisfaction, the spirit say innovation and love for technological research.

The company believes in partnerships and networks between companies are well aware of how the wealth inherent in the plurality of tenders could constitute the real added value for our market.

Outsources much of its prestige to the personal and professional qualities of its contributors ascribing human resources an essential and irreplaceable strategic value in the pursuit of business objectives. His team consists of a group of people who works passionately sharing the values of loyalty, integrity and motivation to commitment, respecting the needs of the customer.

The services that offers cover a very wide range of business solutions, always ensuring the highest levels of quality and punctuality.

The three areas of activity are:
-Design Sw
-Expert advice

Operates both on Microsoft technology is Java architectures pushing his look towards the innovative technologies of the future thanks to the establishment of a research and development team that has designed and implemented projects with high added value.


Via Antonio Amato 26 - 84131 Salerno (SA)

+39 089 301062

+39 089 301062



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